• Indonesian Frog One of a Kind – And Not Because of Its Fangs

    Its fangs are not what makes the newly identified Indonesian frog species Limnonectes larvaepartus unique on Earth. The way it makes babies does.

    This little amphibian from the rainforests of Indonesia’s island of Sulawesi is the only one of the world’s 6,455 frog species to give direct birth to tadpoles, eschewing the common froggy practice of laying eggs, scientists said on Wednesday.

    “Reproduction in most frogs could not be more different from human reproduction. In this…

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  • Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect’s Trial Starts Monday

    A U.S. federal judge has ruled the trial of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will begin Monday, rejecting defense requests for a change of venue and a delay in the trial start date until September.

    Judge George O’Toole on Wednesday ru…

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  • Witness: Suicide Bus Bomb Kills at Least 6 in Nigeria’s Yobe State

    At least six people were killed and others were injured when a suicide bomb went off Wednesday in a bus in Fika in Nigeria’s northeast Yobe state, one of those injured told Reuters.

    The state frequently has seen attacks by Boko Haram militants, although no group immediately claimed responsibility for the bus attack.

    “A suicide bomber, I think he was on his way to bomb the market in Fika … but unfortunately while he was still in the bus to the market the bomb strap on him exploded…

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  • US Stocks Make Gains in 2014, Oil Plunges

    U.S. stocks fell on Wednesday but closed the year out on a high note as crude oil prices continued their downward trend.

    On the last day of trading in 2014, the Dow Jones industrial average fell 160 points to 17,823.07, the S&P lost 21.45 points, closing at 2,058.9, and the Nasdaq dropped 41.39 points to 4,736.05.

    But for the year, the Dow was up about 7.5 percent, the S&P advanced more than 11 percent, with the Nasdaq climbing 13.4 percent.

    It was the sixth straight year of…

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  • New Year’s Stampede Leaves 35 Dead in Shanghai

    A New Year’s stampede at one of the most iconic tourist spots in Shanghai has left at least 35 people dead and more than 40 others injured.

    Shanghai authorities said the stampede started in Chen Yi Square, on the city’s famed waterfront tourist strip known as the Bund, less than half an hour before midnight.

    The cause of the stampede had not been confirmed, but China’s Xinhua news agency quoted a witness who said the rush started after someone began throwing what appeared to be…

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  • With Eyes on Russia, Lithuania Joins Eurozone

    Lithuania joined the eurozone Thursday, hoping to anchor itself in Europe as its former master Russia flexes its military muscle in the region.

    The first Soviet republic to declare independence, in 1990, Lithuania is the last of the three Baltic state…

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  • Sierra Leone Religious Leaders to Launch Ebola Prayer Campaign

    The Inter-Religious Council of Sierra Leone will launch a seven-day, nationwide fasting, prayer, and education campaign to help the government’s effort in combatting Ebola on Thursday, according to Abdulai Bayraytay, a spokesman for the administration in Freetown.

    The religious group, comprised of Muslims and Christians, met Tuesday to come up with a campaign plan following earlier discussions with President Ernest Bai Koroma. 

    Bayraytay welcomed the plan as a positive…

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  • Science Fiction Becomes Reality for Species Surveys

    It’s a familiar scene in science fiction stories: Explorers arrive on a new world, and quickly determine what’s in their surroundings with a high-tech device that checks for breathable air and signs of other life forms.

    Here on earth, science fiction …

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  • On Dutch Coast, an Experiment in Sand

    A pile of sand about eight times the volume of the Great Pyramid of Giza is shaping up as a cut-rate model for protecting coasts from rising seas.

    The “Sand Engine” is 28 million cubic yards (21.5 million cubic meters) covering an area 1.2 miles (2 km…

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  • Russian Courts Sentence Navalny Verdict Protesters

    Russian courts sentenced more than a dozen people to jail terms on Wednesday for taking part in protests against the authorities’ treatment of activist Alexei Navalny and his brother, Oleg.

    More than 200 protesters, including members of the punk band …

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