• Indian TV Channel Disciplined for Terror Coverage

    Prominent Indian editors and journalists have criticized the government for ordering a leading television news channel to go off the air for one day as a penalty for its coverage of a terror attack earlier this year. 

    The Editors Guild of India called the ban – the first on a media broadcaster for reporting terrorist attacks – “harsh censorship” reminiscent of emergency rule imposed in 1975, when fundamental rights were suspended in the world’s largest democracy.


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  • School Burnings Cause Consternation in Indian Kashmir

    More than two dozen schools have been burned in Indian Kashmir by unidentified arsonists during the last two months as education becomes a new flashpoint in the unrest that has gripped the region since July.

    It is first time that schools have been targeted on this scale in the restive Himalayan valley where Islamic militants usually strike at military or police targets.    Most schools have also remained closed for nearly four months due to a shutdown call given by…

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  • India Expels Pakistani Staffer on Spying Charges

    India has expelled a staffer of the Pakistani High Commission in New Delhi, accusing him of running a spy racket that accessed sensitive information about Indian security operations.

    Islamabad rejected the allegations saying he had been detained on “false and unsubstantiated charges.”

    The expulsion Thursday comes as relations between the nuclear-armed neighbors have hit a low, following a militant attack last month on an Indian army camp in Kashmir that killed 20 soldiers.


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  • Despite Fast-Growing Economy, India Struggles to Create Jobs

    India’s main Hindu festival of lights is just days away, but there is little cheer for 35-year-old Kali Charan. For a week, the daily-wage laborer has hung on the side of a busy street intersection in the business hub of Gurgaon hoping that building contractors or home owners will stop by to seek his services.

    He is not alone. This is the spot where scores of other unemployed laborers gather daily in search of work as masons, carpenters, painters and plumbers. 

    But Kali Charan is…

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  • India-Pakistan Tensions Spill Into Bollywood

    The coastal city of Mumbai, where India’s popular Bollywood industry is based, is far away from the mountainous region of Kashmir, where cross border firing between the Indian and Pakistani armies has escalated in recent weeks.

    Political and military tensions affect the film industry

    But as Bollywood becomes the unlikely battleground where Indian and Pakistani tensions are being tested, Bollywood filmmakers have pledged not to use Pakistani talent following threats by a hardline Hindu…

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  • Indian Centers Preparing School Dropouts for Return to Education

    Although India has significantly increased school enrollment in the past decade, millions of children continue to drop out every year. To overcome that challenge, voluntary centers are preparing some of them to return to school.  Anjana Pasricha visited one such center in New Delhi.

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  • BRICS to Deepen Economic Engagement to Combat Terror

    Amid fears of threats posed by protectionism, the BRICS countries have vowed to deepen economic engagement, tackle the global economic slowdown, and combat cross border terrorism.

    The leaders of the five emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa wrapped up a summit Sunday in Goa, in western India.

    Underlining the need for the BRICS countries to find common solutions, China’s president Xi Jinping warned that “some countries are getting more inward-looking in…

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  • BRICS Countries Push to Expand Trade Within Group

    At the sprawling exhibition grounds in the heart of New Delhi, Chinaland Solar Energy Company showcased a new design of solar panels at the first-ever trade exhibition organized by the BRICS group of emerging nations.

    Alex Lee, the foreign trade manager of the Chinese company, explains that these panels are particularly suitable for India, which is massively expanding solar power generation. “You don’t put any roof tiles. You just use panels as roof tiles and they make power for you and…

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  • Bollywood Film Highlights India’s Struggle With Attitudes Toward Women

    The Bollywood film “Pink,” which is about three women who are victims of unwanted sexual advances, has struck a deep chord in a country where sexual violence against women hit headlines after the horrific 2012 gang rape of a college student in the Indian capital.

    Playing to packed halls, the movie underlines India’s struggle with patriarchal attitudes and the need for a male-dominated society to respect choices women make.  
    Bollywood superstar Amitabh…

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  • India Police Unearth Scam to Dupe US Citizens

    In India, police say they have unearthed a massive scam that involved bogus call center workers in Mumbai masquerading as U.S. tax officials and duping American citizens of millions of dollars. Police believe there is a possibility of similar frauds targeting other countries. 

    Authorities have arrested 70 people on suspicion of tricking American citizens following a series of raids on Tuesday night by about 200 policemen at three nondescript premises in Thane, a Mumbai…

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